Leadership Team

The CSFCO Inc. leadership team brings a diverse set of skills and experience, ensuring a well-rounded perspective on company operations.

"My passion is helping others grow. Whether personally or professionally, I thrive on helping and/or seeing others succeed. Therefore, I do not consider my workplace work, rather a place to connect with the needs of the community. With a team that embraces this concept, company success naturally happens."

-Willie LaFavor, President

Willie LaFavor


Charlice LaFavor

CEO & Board Chair

Bruce Stephens

Chief Operating Officer

Phillip Daymond

Chief Financial Officer

Terry Welch

Chief Business Development Officer

Greg Wooten

Chief Risk & Infrastructure Officer

Corporate Office:
3428 Hwy 20, Decatur, AL 35601
Phone: 256.350.5052 - Fax: 256.350.2109

Fabrication & Administration:
1303 Southfield Drive, Decatur, AL 35603
Phone: 256.350.3303 - Fax: 256.350.3833

Partner Co. - Kakivik Asset Management
Texas Office:
4911 Fannett Road , Beaumont Tx 77706